Nano Series:

The BlackLemon Nano series is our smallest and most compact umbrella on the market. Incredibly convenient, the stylish Nano fits in any compartment, from a handbag or clutch to your pants pocket. With a variety of colors, the Nano provides style without sacrificing protection.Never be caught without an umbrella again.

Mini Series:

Full of options, the Mini series is designed to fit your wardrobe with colors of classic black, lemon yellow, dandelion powder and macarons blue. With high grade you can’t go wrong, which is why the Mini series comes with newly stitched fibers to provide greater reflection, less weight for more flexibility and a beautiful span display to give you that fashion statement.

Air Series:

By popular demand, the Air series class returns with lemon yellow and classic black umbrellas equipped with upgraded luxurious fiber coating, allowing more shade and less sun. Air series increased flexibility without sacrificing class by reducing overall weight.

Designer Series:

Feel the rhythm of your umbrella with the new Designer series from BlackLemon. Automatically expand your fashion with this umbrellas ample coverage from the weathers' elements while still maintaining your stylish profile.

Tall Series:

An unarguably innovation to its class, the Tall series with sophisticated details provides a solid frame for optimum quality and second-to-none fiber coating fabrics for heavy protection. The Apollo umbrella design delivers more comfort and peace of mind when using, so rest assured the sunscreen coating will inevitably keep the sun from reaching your skin.

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